1208 The Strand – Oceanfront Condo in Manhattan Beach

1208 The Strand, manhattan Beach ca

beachfront luxury living priced at $4,999,000

The newest home on the Manhattan Strand beachfront market is a condo located near the pier at 1208 The Strand in Manhattan Beach. 

Although the building was constructed in 1969 it just recently underwent an almost complete remodel in 2019. 

One of the other condos in the building, #B sold for 4,200,000 back in 2020. 

The condo has very nice open layout with floor to ceiling doors to enjoy the incredible ocean and pier views.  One challenge it does have is the location (if anything beachfront can be considered to have a challenging location!) is that it sits VERY close to downtown and the pier area so it tends to be a bit busy….especially in the summer. 

The proximity to downtown allows the condo picture perfect Manhattan Beach pier views and heading a few doors down to dine or shop is simple.  One other downside is that it does sit behind the downtown beach parking lot so it’s not quite a peaceful as the homes just north of the lot.  Overall it’s a beatiful home,


View the MLS listing details below.

1208 The Strand By the Numbers

  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 1,190 square feet (BTV)
  • Built in 1969 but entire buiding recently underwent an almost total remodel in 2019.
  • Listed at $4,999,000
  • Listing by Jennifer Caskey – Compass – 310-230-5478

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1208 Manhattan Beach – Listed at $4,999,000

Our Latest Sale – Golf Course Villa With Panoramic Ocean Views in Terranea

100 Terranea Way Unit#14-201, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275

Golf course villa - Sold for $1,795,000

We were honored to represent the buyers of this incredible propety and  proud to announce our latest home sale the resort of Terranea on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. 

We had the opportunity and priveledge of representing wonderful buyers in the purchase of this incredible villa at the ocean front Terranea resort in Palos Verdes.  This incredible property had just recently been remodeled with a luxury coastal feel worthy of the location.

Terranea ownership is unique in that the owner is restricted to 90 days a year of personal use and it is available for rental by the resort the rest of the year.  This was part of the arrangement with the California Coastal Commission with the development of the old Marine World property in such an ideal location.

The resort is world class and the owners (and renters) have access to incredible facilities including fitness center, multiple pools, luxury spa and wellness center, and incredible dining ranging from oceanfront casual to formal affairs.  Terranea also has a spectacular par 3 golf course on property.

Contact us for more information on how ownership at Terranea works.

Villa Info

  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2.5 bathrooms
  • 1,940 square feet(approx)
  • $3,695 HOA dues
  • Priced at $1,795,000
  • Listed by Ted Lennon – Terranea Real Estate -310-265-2888

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100 Terranea Way Unit#14-201, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275 – Sold for $1,795,000

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South Bay home sales and home prices in april 2022

April 2022 was yet another record setting month for the South Bay real estate market.  Things ramped up a bit in terms of the number of homes that sold compared to a slow January and February.

Prices were record setting once again.  The South Bay real estate market definitely remains a  very favorable to sellers.   View our South Bay real estate trends and statistics page to see how  home sales and home prices in April 2022 compared to other months.

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EL SEGUNDO – 15 Home Sales – Average Sales Price $1,852,200

View the current homes for sale in El Segundo

Type AddressPrice$ Per FootBed/BathSq FeetYear Built
CONDO/A900Cedar ST #111$830,000$705.182/2,0,0,01177/P1978/PUB
TWNHS532 EImperial AVE$1,030,000$828.642/3,0,0,01243/A2019
TWNHS/A1313 EGrand AVE #D$1,175,000$793.923/2,0,1,01480/A1989/ASR
TWNHS/A548 EImperial AVE$1,300,000$684.214/3,0,1,01900/A2019/PUB
TWNHS/A210Whiting ST #C$1,410,000$813.153/3,0,1,01734/A2003/ASR
SFR/D912Mccarthy CT$1,600,000$1,049.873/2,0,0,01524/A1953/ASR
SFR/D715 WOak AVE$1,670,000$960.323/2,0,0,01739/A1960/ASR
SFR/D1205 EOak AVE$1,700,000$1,278.203/1,0,1,01330/A1955/ASR
SFR/D424Bungalow DR$1,865,000$840.093/2,0,1,02220/A1989/ASR
SFR654 WAcacia AVE$2,139,000$724.355/3,0,0,02953/1987
SFR/D355Hillcrest ST$2,240,000$856.275/3,0,0,02616/P1963/PUB
SFR/D519Standard ST$2,249,000$743.235/3,0,0,03026/A1959/ASR
SFR/D511Hillcrest ST$2,400,000$836.535/3,0,1,02869/A1988/PUB
SFR/D1502 EOak AVE$3,025,000$715.814/4,0,1,04226/A1997/ASR
SFR/D514Sheldon ST$3,150,000$1,032.114/4,0,0,03052/O2006/ASR

HAWTHORNE – 27 Home Sales – $1,028,185 Average Price

View the current homes for sale in Hawthorne CA

Type AddressPrice$ Per FootBed/BathSq FeetYear Built
TWNHS/A12041Stanley Park Ct$930,000$434.784/3,0,0,02139/A2014
SFR5019 W138TH ST$715,000$1,027.302/1,0,0,0696/1948
SFR/D5168 W131st ST$825,000$896.742/1,0,0,0920/A1947/ASR
CONDO/A5404 W149th PL #11$844,000$844.002/2,0,0,01000/A2007/ASR
CONDO/A13019Park PL #201$1,065,000$745.282/2,0,0,01429/B2007/PUB
TWNHS/A5550Boardwalk #104$1,080,000$782.612/2,0,0,01380/A2007/PUB
SFR/D5133 W137th ST$1,098,000$804.993/2,0,0,01364/A1947/ASR
SFR/D12120 SLa Cienega BLVD$1,156,000$436.724/4,0,0,02647/A2005/ASR
SFR5240 W137TH PL$1,300,000$1,160.713/2,0,0,01120/A1955/ASR
SFR/D5314 W137th ST$1,350,000$790.404/2,0,1,01708/A1955/ASR
SFR/D13427Judah AVE$1,520,000$883.213/2,0,0,01721/A1955/ASR
SFR/D13228Isis AVE$1,650,000$1,071.433/2,0,1,01540/A1955/ASR
SFR/D5505 W138th PL$1,865,000$1,194.754/1,2,0,11561/B1954/ASR
SFR/D11803Wilkie AVE$723,000$463.163/2,0,0,01561/A1954/PUB
SFR/D12304Burl AVE$850,000$769.933/1,0,0,01104/A1947/PUB
SFR4580 W142ND ST$875,000$798.363/1,0,0,01096/A1947/ASR
SFR/D4485 W138th ST$980,000$1,047.012/2,0,0,0936/E1952/ASR
SFR4626 W137TH PL$1,055,000$1,156.802/1,0,0,0912/1947
SFR/D4622 W133rd ST$1,220,000$577.654/2,0,0,02112/A1940/ASR
SFR/D11609Atkinson AVE$630,000$528.523/2,0,0,01192/A1954/PUB
CONDO/A11439Oxford AVE$725,000$487.893/2,0,1,01486/A1980/ASR
SFR/D11714Wilkie AVE$1,005,000$647.554/3,0,0,01552/A1954/ASR
SFR/D3841 W147th PL$1,100,000$904.613/1,1,0,01216/P1952
SFR/D3609146th ST$900,000$557.283/2,0,0,01615/A1951/ASR
SFR/D3835 W147th PL$920,000$646.524/2,0,0,01423/A1952/ASR
SFR/D11807Atkinson AVE$630,000$497.243/2,0,0,01267/A1954/ASR
SFR/D3256Park LN$750,000$545.063/3,0,0,01376/A2001/ASR

HERMOSA BEACH19 Home Sales  – Average Price $2,034,055

View the current homes for sale in Hermosa Beach

Type AddressPrice$ Per FootBed/BathSq FeetYear Built
CONDO320Hermosa AVE #206$1,240,000$1,112.112/2,0,0,01115/1972
TWNHS/A205Valley DR$1,375,330$920.572/2,0,1,01494/A1971/ASR
SFR/D330Manhattan AVE$1,496,000$2,232.841/1,0,0,0670/A1921/ASR
TWNHS/A1401Manhattan Ave$2,266,215$1,412.854/2,1,0,01604/P1988/PUB
DPLX/D34024th ST$3,217,500$1,427.463/3,0,0,02254/A1936/ASR
SFR/D20134th ST$3,225,000$1,610.893/3,0,0,02002/A1966/ASR
CONDO/A1600Ardmore AVE #224$865,000$825.382/1,1,0,01048/A1970/ASR
SFR/D2007AVA AVENUE$1,575,000$2,202.802/1,0,0,0715/A1951/ASR
CONDO/D51925th ST$2,015,000$1,216.793/2,0,1,01656/P1974/PUB
TWNHS/D6451st PL$2,026,000$937.963/2,0,1,02160/A1988/ASR
TWNHS/A6539th ST$2,308,000$971.384/3,0,1,02376/A1998/ASR
TWNHS/A1050Ardmore AVE$2,375,000$913.464/3,1,0,02600/A1989/ASR
SFR/D54521st ST$3,560,000$1,918.103/2,0,0,01856/A1947/ASR
CONDO9601ST ST #A$1,275,000$995.322/1,0,0,11281/1980
SFR/D505Hollowell AVE$1,653,000$1,375.213/1,0,0,01202/O1924/PUB
SFR/D12059th St$1,740,000$1,649.293/1,0,0,01055/A1942/ASR
SFR/D12442nd ST$1,850,000$1,768.642/1,0,0,01046/A1927/ASR
SFR/D12141st PL$1,985,000$1,243.733/1,1,0,01596/A1973/ASR
TWNHS/D10488th ST$2,600,000$1,073.053/2,0,1,02423/A1997/ASR

HOLLYWOOD RIVIERA 13 homes sold – Average price $1,943,538

View the current homes for sale in the Hollywood Riviera

Type AddressPrice$ Per FootBed/BathSq FeetYear Built
TWNHS/A169Calle Mayor$1,277,000$910.192/1,1,1,01403/A1977/ASR
TWNHS/A425Camino De Las Colinas$1,420,000$906.772/2,0,1,01566/A1978/ASR
SFR/D4932Newton ST$1,483,000$755.864/4,0,1,01962/A1954/ASR
SFR/D4141Mesa ST$1,750,000$609.974/3,0,0,02869/A1978/ASR
SFR/D432Via La Soledad$1,850,000$1,233.333/0,2,0,01500/E1954/ASR
SFR/D4439Newton ST$1,910,000$1,032.433/2,0,1,01850/S1954/ASR
SFR/D4327Vista Largo$1,920,000$924.864/2,0,1,02076/A1965/ASR
SFR/D260Paseo De Gracia$1,940,000$1,139.173/1,1,0,01703/A1949/ASR
SFR/D222Calle De Arboles$2,050,000$1,205.883/1,1,0,01700/A1954/ASR
SFR/D5422Riviera WAY$2,110,000$922.615/2,0,0,02287/A1954/PUB
SFR/D316Via Linda Vista$2,112,000$1,078.653/2,0,0,01958/A1950/ASR
SFR/D237Via Pasqual$2,245,000$1,356.503/2,0,0,01655/A1954/ASR
TWNHS/A1903Camino De La Costa #C$3,199,000$1,066.334/4,0,1,03000/E2021/BLD

LAWNDALE – 15 Home Sales – Median sales price of $784,000

View the current Lawndale homes for sale

Type AddressPrice$ Per FootBed/BathSq FeetYear Built
SFR/D15132Cordary AVE$927,500$834.833/2,0,0,01111/A1951/ASR
SFR/D15512Florwood AVE$1,125,000$740.623/2,0,0,01519/A1952/PUB
SFR/D3760 W156th ST$1,240,000$683.954/2,0,1,01813/A1952/ASR
CONDO/A4633Marine AVE #118$376,000$590.271/1,0,0,0637/A1973/ASR
CONDO/A4727 W147th ST #231$515,000$594.002/2,0,0,0867/A1974/ASR
SFR/D14826Mansel Ave$704,000$506.474/1,0,1,01390/P1958/PUB
TWNHS/A14916Condon AVE #4$740,000$471.943/2,0,1,01568/A1984/ASR
TWNHS/D15616Firmona ave$800,088$435.073/2,0,1,01839/A2002/ASR
SFR/D14909Mansel AVE$825,000$747.283/1,1,0,01104/A1939/ASR
SFR/D4050 W162nd ST$900,000$557.623/2,0,0,01614/A1950/ASR
SFR/D16617Prairie AVE$910,000$348.394/2,0,0,02612/A1910/ASR
TWNHS/D4349 W171st ST$1,039,000$583.713/4,0,0,01780/B2020/PUB
SFR/D4033 W160th ST$689,000$411.343/3,0,0,01675/A1942/ASR

MANHATTAN BEACH – 35 home sales at an average price of $3,490,486

View the current Manhattan Beach homes for sale

Type AddressPrice$ Per FootBed/BathSq FeetYear Built
DPLX/D127Seaview ST$2,250,000$1,453.493/3,0,0,01548/A1970/ASR
SFR/D2335th ST$3,500,000$1,707.323/3,0,1,02050/B2001/ASR
DPLX/D31929th ST$4,000,000$1,676.455/3,0,0,02386/A1956/ASR
SFR/D5175th ST$4,150,000$3,087.803/2,0,0,01344/A1955/ASR
SFR/D4172nd ST$5,615,000$1,296.475/1,3,2,04331/A2003/ASR
SFR/D4137th ST$6,500,000$1,801.055/4,0,0,03609/A2017/PUB
SFR/D32329th ST$7,100,000$1,650.785/5,0,2,04301/B2022/BLD
SFR/D2708 NArdmore AVE$2,300,000$1,319.563/1,1,1,01743/A1972/ASR
SFR/D1300Walnut Ave$2,350,000$1,498.724/2,0,0,01568/A1952/ASR
SFR/D3524Pacific AVE$2,675,000$930.764/2,0,1,02874/E1979/EST
SFR/D3212 NPoinsettia AVE$2,850,000$2,326.533/2,0,0,01225/A1955/ASR
SFR/D3619Laurel AVE$2,900,000$891.214/4,0,0,03254/A1998/PUB
SFR/D1732N Poinsettia Dr$3,100,000$1,474.793/2,1,0,02102/A1945/PUB
SFR/D1720Oak AVE$3,600,000$1,037.174/4,0,0,03471/A1988/ASR
SFR/D1906Agnes RD$3,625,000$1,214.414/2,1,0,02985/A1973/ASR
SFR/D74231st ST$4,200,000$1,065.455/2,2,0,03942/A1991/ASR
SFR/A2905 NPoinsettia AVE$4,461,000$1,371.775/4,0,0,03252/A2000/ASR
SFR/D66519th ST$4,674,000$1,299.065/7,0,0,03598/OTH2018/OTH
SFR/D57731st ST$5,000,000$1,166.045/5,1,0,04288/A2019/PUB
SFR/D61612th ST$6,500,000$1,511.635/4,0,1,04300/B2021/BLD
SFR/D513 NDianthus ST$3,200,000$1,155.233/2,1,0,02770/AP1990/ASR
SFR/D10382nd Street$3,300,000$785.905/4,0,0,04199/AP2003/ASR
SFR/D611Anderson ST$4,030,000$1,842.714/3,0,0,02187/A1947/PUB
SFR/D512John ST$8,770,000$1,869.544/4,0,0,14691/A2000/ASR
TWNHS/A29Marin Court$1,800,000$959.493/2,0,1,01876/A1987/ASR
SFR/D1609Chestnut Avenue$2,920,000$1,622.223/3,0,0,01800/D1947/PUB
SFR/D114618th ST$2,925,000$1,397.524/2,1,0,02093/E1948/PUB
CONDO1450Mandhattan Beach Bl #D$1,150,000$1,236.562/2,0,0,0930/1976
TWNHS/A115511th ST #2$1,172,000$647.163/2,0,1,01811/A1973/ASR
TWNHS/A203Aviation PL$1,380,000$789.933/2,0,1,01747/A2002/ASR
TWNHS/A617Aviation WAY$1,660,000$897.303/1,1,2,01850/B2022/BLD
SFR1337Curtis AVE$1,910,000$1,138.265/2,0,0,01678/1951
SFR/D18479th ST$2,100,000$1,559.023/2,0,0,01347/A1962/ASR
SFR/D18278th ST$2,200,000$2,158.983/1,0,0,01019/A1952/ASR
SFR/D1720Voorhees AVE$2,300,000$1,111.114/3,0,0,02070/A1973/ASR

REDONDO BEACH –  38 Home Sales – Average Price of $1,367,000

View the current Redondo Beach homes for sale

Type AddressPrice$ Per FootBed/BathSq FeetYear Built
TWNHS/A169Calle Mayor$1,277,000$910.192/1,1,1,01403/A1977/ASR
TWNHS/A425Camino De Las Colinas$1,420,000$906.772/2,0,1,01566/A1978/ASR
SFR/D432Via La Soledad$1,850,000$1,233.333/0,2,0,01500/E1954/ASR
SFR/D260Paseo De Gracia$1,940,000$1,139.173/1,1,0,01703/A1949/ASR
SFR/D222Calle De Arboles$2,050,000$1,205.883/1,1,0,01700/A1954/ASR
SFR/D316Via Linda Vista$2,112,000$1,078.653/2,0,0,01958/A1950/ASR
TWNHS/A1903Camino De La Costa #C$3,199,000$1,066.334/4,0,1,03000/E2021/BLD
TWNHS/A2510Voorhees AVE #1$885,000$740.592/2,0,0,01195/A1977/ASR
TWNHS/A2607Nelson Ave #F$1,001,000$772.972/1,0,1,01295/AP1976/ASR
TWNHS/A2400Voorhees AVE #4$1,175,000$830.393/2,0,1,01415/AP1974/APP
TWNHS/A2204Curtis AVE #A$1,293,000$681.243/2,0,1,01898/A1985/ASR
SFR2111Blossom LN$1,360,000$1,387.762/2,0,0,0980/1935
SFR/D2618Graham AVE$1,500,000$785.754/3,0,0,01909/P1957/PUB
TWNHS/D2216Bataan RD #A$2,150,000$846.464/3,0,1,02540/B2022/BLD
SFR/D3003Johnston AVE$2,287,500$1,143.753/2,1,0,02000/O1945/ASR
CONDO/A2750Artesia BLVD #210$588,000$683.722/1,1,0,0860/A2007/ASR
TWNHS/D2605Rockefeller LN #3$975,000$596.702/2,0,1,01634/A1980/ASR
SFR/D1809Phelan LN$1,042,000$1,142.543/1,0,0,0912/A1957/PUB
TWNHS2408Carnegie LN #1$1,140,000$693.013/3,0,0,01645/A1980/ASR
CONDO/A2517Vanderbilt LN #C$1,200,000$745.803/2,0,1,01609/A1997/PUB
TWNHS/A1709Marshallfield Ln. #A$1,280,000$760.103/1,1,1,01684/P1974/PUB
TWNHS2120Grant AVE #B$1,335,000$762.863/3,0,0,01750/A2001/ASR
TWNHS/A1005Blossom LN$1,420,000$944.153/2,0,1,01504/A1979/ASR
CONDO2209Marshallfield LN #A$1,530,000$555.764/4,0,0,02753/2002
TWNHS/D2207Pullman LN #A$1,530,000$571.324/3,0,1,02678/A1989/ASR
TWNHS/A1607Blossom LN #1$1,550,000$707.443/2,0,1,02191/A1986/ASR
TWNHS/A1909Clark LN #B$1,715,000$663.444/2,0,1,02585/A1990/ASR
TWNHS/A2119Grant AVE #C$1,785,000$811.364/5,0,0,02200/A2016/ASR
TWNHS/A1603Flagler LN$1,965,000$725.364/5,0,1,02709/B2022/PUB
TWNHS/D1903Clark LN #B$2,088,000$932.144/3,0,1,02240/A2019/ASR
TWNHS/D1903Clark LN #A$2,170,000$968.754/3,0,1,02240/A2019/ASR
CONDO/A720Meyer LN #206$805,000$855.472/2,0,0,0941/A1973/ASR
SFR/D504Phelan LN$1,000,000$1,088.143/1,0,0,0919/A1953/ASR
SFR/D2806Spreckels LN$1,375,000$1,078.433/2,0,0,01275/A1955/ASR
SFR/D2413Alvord LN$1,425,000$1,781.252/1,0,0,0800/A1953/ASR
SFR/D2402Alvord LN$1,470,000$1,402.673/1,0,1,01048/A1958/ASR
SFR/D1708Herrin Street$1,490,000$861.773/2,0,0,01729/P1975/PUB
SFR/D1711Carlson LN$1,800,000$910.933/2,0,1,01976/A2000/ASR
SFR/D1616Stanford AVE$1,865,000$1,055.463/2,0,0,01767/A1975/PUB
SFR/D1818Stanford AVE$1,920,000$641.074/3,0,1,02995/A2002/ASR
SFR/D1713Haynes LN$2,225,000$972.893/4,0,1,02287/A2019/PUB
TWNHS/A239 NJuanita AVE #E$1,225,000$928.032/2,0,1,01320/A1979/ASR
TWNHS/A231North Broadway #2$1,300,000$868.402/2,0,1,01497/A1988/ASR
TWNHS/A110 SProspect AVE #3$1,310,000$724.563/2,0,1,01808/A1988/ASR
TWNHS/D107 SGuadalupe AVE #B$1,315,000$880.192/2,0,1,01494/A1984/ASR
TWNHS/D726 NLucia AVE #1$1,350,000$811.303/1,1,1,01664/P1980/PUB
CONDO208 NJuanita AVE #3$1,350,000$727.373/3,0,0,01856/1983
TWNHS/D104 SFrancisca AVE #B$1,380,000$824.873/3,0,0,01673/A1979/ASR
TWNHS/A622 NGuadalupe AVE #C$1,550,000$578.794/3,0,0,02678/A1989/ASR
TPLX/A225 SJuanita AVE$1,830,000$836.765/3,0,0,02187/A1948/ASR
SFR/D714 NPaulina AVE$2,219,000$1,040.814/2,0,0,02132/A1963/ASR
TWNHS/D206South Helberta #A$2,280,000$912.004/3,0,1,02500/B2017/PUB
SFR803 NPaulina AVE$4,625,000$762.455/7,0,0,06066/2011
CONDO/A603 SProspect AVE #204$550,000$822.121/1,0,0,0669/A1970/ASR
CONDO/A643S Prospect Ave #101$925,000$717.053/2,0,0,01290/A1970/ASR
CONDO/A1108Camino Real #400$993,000$505.603/3,1,0,01964/A1971/ASR
CONDO/A830Camino Real #201$1,125,000$872.093/2,0,0,01290/A1970/PUB
SFR/D805Pearl ST$1,550,000$1,061.643/1,1,1,01460/A1964/ASR
SFR/D509 SFrancisca AVE$1,675,000$1,586.172/1,1,0,01056/A1924/ASR
SFR/D1302Palos Verdes BLVD$1,825,000$1,177.423/2,0,0,01550/A1952/ASR
SFR/D912Ynez AVE$1,900,000$1,286.394/2,0,0,01477/A1941/ASR
SFR/D419Avenue F$2,000,000$1,137.013/1,1,0,01759/A1959/ASR
SFR/D748Avenue A$3,300,000$806.455/5,0,0,04092/A2022/BLD
SFR/D515 SLucia AVE$3,500,000$869.785/2,1,1,04024/A2002/OTH
CONDO/A610The Village #201$595,000$1,451.220/0,1,0,0410/A1974/ASR
CONDO/A630The Village #112$805,000$1,300.481/1,0,0,0619/A1974/ASR
CONDO/A615Esplanade #512$850,000$1,182.201/1,0,0,0719/A1971/PUB
CONDO/A323 SBroadway #9$960,000$842.112/2,0,0,11140/A1974/ASR
CONDO/A201Calle Miramar #20$1,250,000$1,024.592/2,0,0,01220/E1962/PUB
CONDO/A520The Village #408$1,395,350$681.322/2,0,0,02048/A1980/ASR
TWNHS/A515 NGertruda AVE #9$1,527,000$818.333/2,0,1,01866/E1990/PUB
TWNHS/A317 SBroadway #D$1,530,000$877.802/3,0,0,01743/SEE1983/ASR
TWNHS/A620 SCatalina AVE #C$1,600,000$827.303/2,0,1,01934/E1987/EST
TWNHS/A1109 SCatalina AVE #A$1,760,000$1,106.923/3,0,1,01590/A2001/ASR
CONDO/A703Esplanade #4$2,700,000$1,191.533/1,1,0,02266/A1974/ASR


129 Closed Home Sales – Average Sales Price $1,048,230
View the current homes for sale in Torrance 

Type AddressPrice$ Per FootBed/BathSq FeetYear Built
CONDO/A23230Sesame #10F$485,000$576.012/1,0,1,0842/A1973/ASR
CONDO1444 W227TH ST #18$490,000$507.252/1,0,1,0966/1982/ASR
TWNHS/A1611 W208th ST #3$650,000$349.463/2,0,1,01860/A2007/ASR
SFR/A1609 W228th ST$745,000$482.514/3,0,0,01544/A1947/PUB
SFR/D1343 W222nd ST$850,000$865.582/1,0,0,0982/A1947/ASR
SFR/D20930Dalton AVE$950,000$460.273/2,0,0,02064/A1951/ASR
SFR/D21119La Salle AVE$951,000$514.333/3,0,0,01849/A1949/ASR
SFR/D20849Brighton AVE$975,000$650.003/2,0,0,01500/A1956/ASR
CONDO/A21415 SVermont AVE #9$374,655$637.171/1,0,0,0588/A1990/ASR
CONDO/A820Coriander DR #L$385,000$602.501/1,0,0,0639/A1973/ASR
CONDO/A20543S. Vermont Ave. #4$412,000$623.301/1,0,0,0661/A1982/ASR
TWNHS/A817 W232nd ST #G$450,000$528.172/1,0,1,0852/A1973/ASR
CONDO/A23320Sesame ST #G$485,000$585.042/1,1,0,0829/A1973/ASR
CONDO/A1249 W223rd ST #107$505,000$540.112/2,0,0,0935/A1987/ASR
CONDO/A20563 SVermont AVE #6$530,000$547.522/2,0,0,0968/A1982/ASR
CONDO/A20426 SVermont AVE #80$530,000$546.962/2,0,0,0969/A1978/ASR
CONDO/A22228 SVermont AVE #202C$535,000$461.212/2,0,0,01160/A1986/ASR
CONDO/A20539 SVermont AVE #8$542,000$565.172/2,0,0,0959/A1980/ASR
CONDO20505 SVERMONT AVE #6$553,000$576.642/2,0,0,0959/A1980/ASR
TWNHS/A1126 W228th ST #18$695,000$510.283/2,0,1,01362/A1988/ASR
SFR/D1118Maxfield ST$830,000$628.313/1,1,0,01321/A1959/ASR
SFR/A20819New Hampshire AVE$840,000$730.433/2,0,0,01150/A1960/ASR
SFR/D915Sorock DR$865,000$631.854/1,0,0,01369/A1956/ASR
TWNHS23240MARIGOLD AVE$870,000$400.744/3,0,1,02171/2021/BLD
TWNHS23244MARIGOLD AVE$878,000$404.424/3,0,1,02171/2021/BLD
TWNHS23230MARIGOLD AVE$893,000$411.334/3,0,1,02171/2021/BLD
TWNHS23228MARIGOLD AVE$905,000 4/3,0,1,0/2022/BLD
SFR/D1205Valle CT$920,000$486.523/2,0,1,01891/A2005/ASR
CONDO/D1217Jasmine Walk$925,000$479.524/2,0,1,01929/P2005/PUB
SFR/D25211Weston RD$959,000$1,099.773/1,0,0,0872/A1952/PUB
SFR/D3307Newton ST$1,118,000$918.652/2,0,0,01217/A1950/ASR
SFR/D3341Cricklewood ST$1,275,000$786.553/2,0,0,01621/AP1950/ASR
SFR2643LOFTYVIEW DR$1,395,000$921.404/1,1,0,01514/1954
SFR/D2917Oakwood LN$1,550,000$765.053/3,0,0,12026/A1976/ASR
SFR/D3638Blair WAY$1,680,000$676.064/3,0,0,02485/A1976/ASR
CONDO/A3230Merrill DR #52$440,000$606.061/1,0,0,0726/A1964/ASR
CONDO/A2559Plaza Del Amo #213$560,000$643.681/2,0,0,0870/A1984/ASR
CONDO/A3230Merrill DR #67$655,000$530.792/2,0,0,01234/A1964/ASR
CONDO/A2605Sepulveda BLVD #122$675,000$566.752/2,0,0,01191/A2003/ASR
CONDO/A2567Plaza Del Amo #303$730,000$689.982/2,0,0,01058/A1985/ASR
CONDO/A2563Plaza Del Amo #204$775,000$732.512/2,0,0,01058/A1985/APP
TWNHS/A1712Elm AVE #19$815,000$511.292/2,1,0,01594/A1981/ASR
TWNHS/A2800Plaza Del Amo #94$815,000$640.222/2,0,1,01273/A1987/ASR
TWNHS/A2931Plaza Del Amo #80$870,000$733.562/3,0,0,01186/A1985/ASR
TWNHS/A2800Plaza Del Amo #361$880,000$742.622/2,0,1,01185/A1987/ASR
CONDO/A1704Elm Ave. #23$923,000$477.743/2,0,1,01932/A1981/ASR
TWNHS2300MAPLE AVE #101$990,000$577.933/3,0,0,01713/A1988/ASR
CONDO/A2300Maple AVE #98$1,010,000$589.613/3,0,0,01713/A1988/PUB
TWNHS/A3538Torrance BLVD #151$1,030,000$574.783/3,0,0,01792/A2005/PUB
TWNHS/A1615Crenshaw Blv$1,050,000$728.662/2,0,1,01441/E2022/BLD
TWNHS/A2300Maple AVE #160$1,155,000$618.644/3,0,0,01867/A1987/ASR
SFR1755 SHICKORY AVE$1,360,000$875.723/2,0,1,01553/A1954/ASR
SFR/D3432Garnet ST$1,385,000$1,056.453/2,0,0,01311/A1923/ASR
SFR/D1216Teri AVE$1,410,000$879.054/2,0,0,01604/A1951/ASR
CONDO/A22857Nadine CIR #B$575,000$514.772/2,0,0,01117/A1963/ASR
CONDO/A22913Maple AVE #B$580,888$520.042/2,0,0,01117/A1963/ASR
CONDO/A23010Nadine CIR #B$642,000$574.752/1,1,0,01117/P1963/PUB
CONDO/A22646Nadine CIR$762,000$802.112/1,0,1,0950/A1963/ASR
SFR/D3623 W228th ST$1,320,000$712.364/2,0,0,01853/A1964/ASR
SFR/D3426 W224th ST$1,386,000$877.773/2,0,0,01579/A1954/ASR
SFR/D22526Eriel AVE$1,390,000$716.864/2,0,0,01939/A1960/ASR
SFR/D2917 W229th ST$1,430,000$638.964/3,0,0,02238/P1963/ASR
SFR/D3706 W227th ST$1,502,000$731.264/3,0,0,02054/A1954/ASR
SFR/D4932Newton ST$1,483,000$755.864/4,0,1,01962/A1954/ASR
SFR/D4141Mesa ST$1,750,000$609.974/3,0,0,02869/A1978/ASR
SFR/D4439Newton ST$1,910,000$1,032.433/2,0,1,01850/S1954/ASR
SFR/D4327Vista Largo$1,920,000$924.864/2,0,1,02076/A1965/ASR
SFR/D5422Riviera WAY$2,110,000$922.615/2,0,0,02287/A1954/PUB
CONDO/A23930Los Codona AVE #209$480,000$696.661/1,0,0,0689/A1970/ASR
SFR/D22228Warmside AVE$1,200,000$1,395.353/1,0,0,0860/A1952/ASR
SFR/D22319Kathryn AVE$1,205,000$1,115.743/1,0,0,01080/A1953/ASR
SFR/D22415Ladeene AVE$1,250,000$1,157.413/1,1,0,01080/A1953/ASR
SFR/D22629Linda DR$1,395,000$1,311.093/1,0,0,01064/A1952/ASR
SFR/D22409Ladeene AVE$1,530,000$625.265/3,0,0,02447/A1953/ASR
SFR/D23316Audrey AVE$1,640,000$598.544/2,0,1,02740/A1966/PUB
SFR/D23228Los Codona AVE$1,915,000$701.475/3,0,0,02730/A1966/ASR
SFR/D23011Doris WAY$3,055,058$753.414/5,0,0,04055/A1992/ASR
SFR/D21733Marjorie AVE$1,119,000$962.993/1,1,0,01162/A1956/ASR
SFR/D22113Redbeam AVE$1,332,000$798.563/2,0,0,01668/A1955/ASR
SFR/D22010Marjorie AVE$1,450,000$1,271.933/1,1,0,01140/A1956/ASR
SFR/D4903Lee ST$1,500,000$1,077.593/1,1,0,01392/A1955/ASR
SFR/D21918Ocean AVE$1,508,000$921.203/2,0,0,01637/A1956/ASR
SFR/D21617Evalyn AVE$1,700,000$812.623/2,1,0,02092/A1955/ASR
TWNHS4268SPENCER ST$1,050,000$479.892/3,0,0,02188/1989
SFR/D19401Entradero AVE$1,160,000$1,035.713/1,0,0,01120/A1955/ASR
SFR/D4559Narrot ST$1,275,000$1,146.583/1,0,0,01112/A1954/PUB
SFR19219BECKWORTH AVE$1,300,000$1,062.093/1,1,0,01224/1954
SFR/D4707Konya DR$1,310,000$939.073/2,0,0,01395/A1960/ASR
SFR/D5018Deelane ST$1,399,000$1,258.093/1,1,0,01112/A1955/PUB
SFR/D19904Saltee AVE$1,550,000$911.233/1,1,0,01701/T1955/ASR
SFR/D4753Deelane ST$1,580,000$891.654/3,0,0,01772/A1954/ASR
SFR/D5503Konya DR$1,736,275$875.145/2,1,0,01984/A1959/ASR
SFR/D21046Tomlee AVE$1,900,000$715.363/3,0,0,02656/A1991/ASR
TWNHS/A4325 W182nd ST #10$760,000$543.632/2,0,1,01398/E1980/PUB
SFR/D18422Falda ave$810,000$741.083/1,0,0,01093/A1953/ASR
TWNHS/A4021 W182nd ST #H$825,000$487.883/3,0,0,01691/A1989/ASR
SFR/D18824Patronella AVE$988,000$835.163/1,0,1,01183/A1954/ASR
SFR/D18333Faysmith AVE$1,007,086$866.683/2,0,0,01162/A1956/ASR
SFR/D4121 W180th ST$1,020,000$782.814/2,0,0,01303/A1955/ASR
SFR/D16720Falda AVE$1,160,000$774.373/2,0,1,01498/A1952/ASR
TWNHS/D1819W 182nd St #A$750,000$438.083/2,0,1,01712/A1985/ASR
SFR/D2065 W160th ST$820,000$687.922/1,0,0,01192/A1950/ASR
SFR/D16228Daphne AVE$883,000$684.503/1,1,0,01290/A1956/ASR
SFR/D17310Wilton PL$905,000$788.333/1,1,0,01148/A1954/ASR
SFR/D17210Illinois CT$925,000$886.023/1,0,0,01044/A1954/PUB
SFR/D2510 W180th ST$1,100,000$646.684/3,0,0,01701/A1956/ASR
SFR/D2054 W160th ST$1,124,000$909.393/2,0,0,01236/D1950/ASR
SFR/D2611 W180th ST$1,189,000$634.474/1,1,1,01874/A1956/ASR
SFR/D2024 W159th ST$1,200,000$708.384/2,0,1,01694/A1950/ASR
CONDO/A1201Cabrillo AVE #308$325,000$580.361/1,0,0,0560/A1993/ASR
CONDO1281CABRILLO AVE #102$425,000$701.321/1,0,0,0606/1993
CONDO/A2742Cabrillo AVE #102$425,000$634.331/1,0,0,0670/A2006/ASR
TWNHS1324EL PRADO AVE #36$950,000$682.473/3,0,0,01392/1997
SFR/D1926Arlington AVE$950,000$863.643/1,0,0,01100/A1919/ASR
TWNHS/A2303Jefferson ST #1102$1,000,000$505.053/3,0,0,01980/A2010/ASR
SFR/D2419Cabrillo AVE$1,135,000$955.392/1,1,0,01188/A1942/ASR
SFR/D1427Post AVE$1,300,000$635.084/2,0,0,02047/S1926/ASR
TWNHS/A22746Cypress ST$845,000$614.993/3,0,0,01374/A1974/ASR
SFR/D2150 W235th PL$875,000$653.963/3,0,0,01338/A1979/ASR
SFR/D2424 W239th ST$1,150,000$701.653/2,0,0,01639/A1956/PUB
SFR/D1947 W235th PL$1,150,000$611.384/2,0,0,01881/A1963/ASR
SFR/D1843 W244th ST$1,230,000$594.783/1,1,0,02068/A1964/ASR
SFR/D2422 W230th ST$1,237,694$708.063/2,0,0,01748/A1962/PUB
SFR/D2142 W233rd ST$1,375,000$644.033/3,0,0,02135/A1969/ASR
SFR/D2437 W235th ST$1,408,000$592.594/1,2,0,02376/A1973/ASR
SFR/D2054Kathy WAY$1,501,000$547.614/4,0,0,02741/A1947/ASR
CONDO/A941W Carson #113$395,000$567.531/1,0,0,0696/A1982/ASR
TWNHS/A22804 SVan Deene AVE$605,000$533.042/2,0,1,01135/A1978/ASR

The agent providing the information contained herein may not have been a buyer’s and/or seller’s agent. This report is based on data pulled from CRMLS on 5/10/22

Beachfront Condo Sells on the Manhattan Beach Strand

2220 The Strand - Latest beachfront home sale closest at $4,700,000

The latest beachfront home sale in Manhattan Beach was a fairly rare townhome/condo located at 2220 The Strand.  The home was originally priced at $5,500,000 but after a price reduction to $4,995,000 the home  sold very quickly. Unlike most homes along the Strand the fact that this was a condo made the home a bit more affordable for a wider pool of buyers.

The beachfront townhome featured two levels of unblockable views.  The top level featured the  impressive living spaces with ocean view living room, kitchen and outdoor deck…..all with spectacular views of the beach, ocean and coastline up to Malibu.  The top floor also offered the primary suite that felt like a luxury hotel.  Lower floor offered two additional bedrooms with private beachfront patio/deck.

2220 The Strand Info

  • 3 bedrooms
  • 3 bathrooms
  • 1,552 square feet
  • $550 monthly HOA
  • Built in 1997
  • Originally Listed at $5,500,000 and sold at $4,700,000
  • Listed by Mark Leddy & Nick Schneider – Compass 310-241-3038

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2220 The Strand, Manhattan Beach – Sold for $4,700,000

Oceanfront Estate On the Market (once again) in the Hollywood Riviera of Redondo

We’ve seen this home in the Hollywood Riviera of Redondo Beach on and off the market for years now but the oceanfront estate at 433 Paseo De La Playa has returned with a new price.  Originally listed in 2014 for $16,000,000 it’s been on and off ever since and now back at a much more attractive price.

The home is definitely custom which has certainly not helped appeal to a larger market as it’s very ornate and formal despite the luxury coastal location.  This one is all about the possibilities as it’s a massive with almost 7,800 foot home with approved plans to add another 2,000+ square feet. This ornate estate sits on a huge 26,580 foot lot that extends down the hillside to the beach below. In our opinion this is one of the best locations in all of the South Bay as it combines stunning views, direct beach access and privacy you just don’t find in most other beachfront locations in Southern California.   Due to all of this it’s very hard to replicate what this has to offer.

Due to the lot size this is a true estate type home with a gated entry, sports court, oceanfront pool, grand staircase, 4 car garage. For those looking for a legacy type property this checks a lot of boxes and would be very hard to duplicate. As mentioned the home has been on and off the market for a very long time. It hit the market in 2014 (had sold in 2012) at a then over the top $16M. It was listed and relisted several times from 2014-2018 at similar price points. The home was relisted once agai at $14.9M in 2018 and then eventually at $14.5M and pulled off of the market at the beginning of this year.

Home and Property Info

    • 7 bedrooms
    • 7 bathrooms
    • 7,792 square feet (BTV)
    • 26,580 oceanfront lot
    • Priced at $12,900,000
    • Listied by Mark Dessy – Premier Property Solutions 310-378-0488

Contact Redondo Beach real estate specialist Keith Kyle with Vista Sotheby’s International for more information

433 Paseo De La Playa, Redondo Beach – Listed for $12,900,000

1923 Beachfront Bungalow Duplex at 44 The Strand in Hermosa Beach

New to the South Bay beachfront home market is one of the originals.  Built in 1923 this historical duplex definitely still has the look of homes that used to line this incredible beach in the Hermosa Beach sand section.   The latest addition to the very crowded beachfront home market in Hermosa Beach is an original beach duplex located at 44 The Strand.  Built in 1923 this property is one of the original beachfront homes and one of the few that remain from this historic era.

Currently a duplex with a 3/2 and a 2/1 unit.  The actual location on the Strand is somewhat of a challenge (if a beachfront location can be a challenge) as it’s one of the very first homes as you go from Redondo to Hermosa and this is always a bit of a negative from a value standpoint.

The real appeal, however is that this is a lot and a half with a pretty significant 45 feet of beach frontage.  The property will likely sell for land value and get torn down which is too bad but the way it goes in this real estate climate.  This property last sold in July of 2019 for $5,600,000

Property Info

  • Duplex
  • 5 bedrooms total
  • 3 bathrooms total
  • 2,600 square feet(approx)
  • 3,607 foot lot
  • Priced at $7,300,000
  • Listed by Richard Haynes – Manhattan Pacific Realty, Inc. – 310-379-1724

Contact Hermosa Beach real estate specialist Keith Kyle with Vista Sotheby’s International for infomation on similar homes.

44 The Strand, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254 – Listed for $7,300,000

New Beachfront Listing In Manhattan Beach – 3404 The Strand Listed for $14,995,000

The already abundant beachfront home market in Manhattan Beach CA just added another unique property.  3404 The Strand in Manhattan Beach just came on the market and is a bit different from most of the other current listings.

3404 The Strand is a duplex that isn’t the usual main home and then guest quarters type situation.  3404 The Strand offers two sizable home and both have incredible views.  Neither are ultra luxury condition but both are in very nice shape with an abundance of upgrades and still have somewhat a casual coastal feel.  The front home sits just off of the sand and offers unblockable ocean and beach views.  It’s a bit larger than the rear home.   The rear home is higher than the current height limits would allow making it a very unique home as even the rear home currently has two levels each with magnificent ocean views.  It’s a bit further north but not yet up to the beach lot so still has a calmer vibe out front.

Property Basics

  • 8 bedrooms
  • 6.5 bathrooms
  • Built in 1974
  • Duplex (main home offers 4 bed/3.5 bath approx 3,200 ft……rear home 4 bed/3.5 bath approx 2000 sq feet
  • Listed by Robb Stroyke – Bayside – 310-938-6008

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3404 The Strand, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 – Listed for $14,995,000

New Beachfront Townhome Hits the Market at 2220 The Strand in Manhattan Beach

The newest beachfront listing in Manhattan Beach is a fairly rare townhome/condo located on The Strand at Marine Street.  This home enjoys two levels of unblockable views.  The top level features the incredible living spaces with ocean view living room, kitchen and outdoor deck…..all with spectacular views of the beach, ocean and coastline up to Malibu.  The top floor also offers the  primary suite that it more like a luxury hotel.  Lower floor offers two additional bedrooms with private beachfront patio/deck.

Home Details

  • 3 bedrooms
  • 3 bathrooms
  • 1,552 square feet
  • $550 monthly HOA
  • Built in 1997
  • Listed by Mark Leddy & Nick Schneider – Compass 310-241-3038

Contact Manhattan Beach real estate specialist Keith Kyle with Vista Sotheby’s International for more information or to schedule a private tour.

2220 The Strand, Manhattan Beach – Listed for $5,500,000

Hollywood Riviera Oceanfront Home Hitting the Market Next Week

Oceanfront in Redondo Beach

517 Paseo De La Playa in the hollywood riviera

We’re excited about this home that’s htting the market in about a week. 

517 Paseo De La Playa is a beautiful home on our favorite street in all of the South Bay.  The lots on the west side of Paseo De La Playa in the Hollywood Riviera extend all the way down to the sand. 

This home was built in 1962 but underwent an almost total remodel in 2010 and still looks and feels lke a new home.  The home last sold for $5,920,000 in 2017.   We’ll have the status of this listing updated in about a week.


517 Paseo De La Playa Details

    • 5 bedrooms
    • 4 bathrooms
    • 3.058 square feet
    • 22,289 sq foot lot
    • Built in 1952 extensively remodeled in 2010
  • Listed by Christina Schlank – Vista Sotheby’s International Realty -310-977-5074

Contact Hollywood Riviera real estate specialist Keith Kyle with Vista Sotheby’s International for more information or to schedule a private tour.

517 Paseo De La Playa – Listed for $6,699,000

4104 The Strand In Manhattan Beach Closes at $6,230,000

The latest sale on the beachfront home market on The Strand in Manhattan Beach is a classic beach bungalow built in 1938.  This one is pretty original but also has some of that classic beach charm that you just don’t get any longer.  We certainly envision this one getting torn down and replaced with a modern luxury home but stranger things have happened.  The home is pretty far north in the El Porto area so unfortunately it sits just east of the beach parking lot and overlooks the lot (although significantly raised up)  The home features 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and just under 2,000 feet

The home was listed at $6,499,000 and sold at $6,230,000.

View the  MLS info below.

4104 The Strand Details

  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 1,948 square feet
  • 3,493 foot lot
  • Ocean front
  • Built in 1938
  • Listing agent John & Vincenzo Altamura – S C Real Estate – 310-562-4131

Contact Manhattan Beach realtor Keith Kyle for more information

4104 The Strand in North Manhattan Beach – Sold for for $6,230,000

Listing courtesy of John & Vincenzo Altamura – S C Real Estate 310-562-4131

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2501 N Sepulveda Blvd.,Manhattan Beach CA 90266








Vista Sotheby's International

Vista Sotheby's International Realty is one of the leading real estate firms in the South Bay and Southern California representing buyers and sellers of fine beachfront homes

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