Would You List Your Home Without Professional Listing Photos?

Professional photography in real estate

In the world of high end beachfront homes for sale, the level of marketing and presentation of a home or a listing can make all of the difference in the world.  With over 85% of buyers searching online it’s critical to capture their interest immediately.  One of the absolute imperatives to getting your home the most interest is compelling home photos and photography.  Many listing agents snap a few quick pictures with a digital camera and that’s the extent of the process (some don’t even do that and actually use pictures from Google street view!)

If you’re considering selling your home you should definitely ask the realtors you are considering how they market their listings and what staging and photography options they offer you.  We highly recommend looking at some of their past listings to see just how professionally they were presented.


Take a look at some of the pictures below and see what a difference photographs really do make.  As listing agents our job is to prepare a home for sale and market it in the very best possible light.   While it obviously costs money to have a professional photographer come and take the pictures, it can mean all the difference in the world.  As one of the top realtors in the South Bay we want to present all of our listings as luxury properties and always use professional photographers at no cost to our clients.

Professional Photography V Regular Photos

Professional photography offers a wider viewpoint making rooms look larger and brighter than regular cameras and iphone cameras

Same bedrooom with professional photography  versus Canon 35mm

Dark and small or bright and open with ocean views…which would you prefer?  Spaces look larger and brighter and details (such as the ocean view) are much clearer

Which one makes the property look more impressive as a large lot horse property?   The first picture was actually taken from further away.  The second captures the impressive property with tack room and corral.

Our listing photo compared to the original listing photo

 Photos taken from the same location.  Look how much larger the backyard and pool look on the right side.  If you were looking for a big yard and a beautiful pool….which would compel you to go and view the home?